Thursday, November 29, 2018

Motor Insurance Just Got Smarter with COCODrive – COCO by DHFL GI

India's first ever customizable online comprehensive car insurance policy - COCODrive was recently launched by COCO.

COCO by DHFL General Insurance Ltd. is a 100% owned entity of Wadhawan Global Capital Private Limited (WGC). It aims to simplify the cumbersome & confusing process of purchasing insurance via new age technology. According to the specific needs of the customers they can customize the product & there is an option of 19 add-ons to choose from. The pick & pay customizable policy provides suggestions to customers that will help them to pick the right add-ons suitable for their need.

The first step towards buying the most suitable car insurance policy is understanding the various terms related to it. This list will help you do that.

Protecting NCB Needs
• NCB Secure
• NCB Protector- Repair of Non-Metallic Parts
Car Related Needs
•Zero Dep
•New Car for Old Car - Imagine paying less than INR 0.50 per day & getting a new car in claim of total loss or car theft.
•Consumable Expenses
•Engine Protector
•Key and Lock Replacement
•Tyre Replacement

Personal Protection Needs
• EMI Protector
• Outstanding Loan Protector
• Accidental Hospitalisation
• Enhanced Owner PA
• Enhanced Paid Driver PA
• Enhanced Occupant PA
• Hospi Cash
• Daily Conveyance Allowance
• Personal Belonging Protector
• Emergency Transport & Hotel Stay
• Road Side Assistance

COCO assures customers that they will not just be protected, but they will have complete control over what covers they choose to protect themselves and their loved ones. COCO has rapidly become the leading InsureTech company in India and has gained the trust of customers as it is country's first a la carte motor policy.

What is an a la carte insurance policy?
When we generally purchase motor insurance, we get to select from various pre-bundled packages offered by various companies. We make a decision based on whatever we understand and the cost. But is that the right cover for us? Not necessarily.  
The pre-bundled packages sold to us traditionally involve add-on covers that might not be beneficial to us but might be beneficial to the insurance company as they might be more profitable to sell.
But COCO is here to transform
Car Insurance with it’s new product COCODrive. It puts the power right back into the hands of the customer. Customers can now choose from a wide array of 19 add-ons (highest provided by any insurance company in the market) which means they can only select the add-ons that they require based on the type of car, city, age, risks it is exposed to etc. The best part is, they have to pay just for the add-ons they select. It’s like selecting toppings on a pizza and just paying for those toppings.

Another key difference is that COCODrive offers the highest Personal Accident Cover amongst the insurers, making the security cover even higher for customers. The current regulator mandate requires a Personal Accident cover of 15 lakhs but with COCODrive, a customer can get a cover of up to 35 lakhs.

The launch of COCODrive was celebrated by special cake cutting ceremony & Secret Screening of their new Brand Film which conveys the message #CareMoreHaveMore beautifully. Their First Digital Brand Film had received more than 16 million views already. With the end of the event, COCODrive leaves a good impact on each & everyone with its features. It's time to preserve all that you care for, so that you can have more of what you care!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Redmi (My) Note 3

I am using this phone since last 2 years now. 
The phone is very handy with metal body premium finish. The phone is not at all a delicate darling. It has a rough and tough use with a 3GB Ram.
It has a Fingerprint sensor Chip-level security which is great rather than keeping password that we only tend to forget. Unlocks in an instant.
The camera of the phone gives you pictures that are perfect just like professional quality images with its Phase Detection Autofocus on a 16 MP, a 0.1s ultra- fast focusing technique commonly found in DSLR cameras.

The touch of the screen is very very smooth . I do not have to try a little hard also to scroll it. 

Accelerate your life on the 4G LTE networks and 802.11ac Wi-Fi. With faster connections, you can stay in touch with your family and the rest of the world in real time.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Money is need and not want

Money is everything for everybody in todays world.

We all run behind earning money in todays competitive world.

We should have that understanding that we cannot go to any level to earn money.

Money is the need for survival.

But We see money as everything.

Our desires keeps on increasing and so the need for money.

People use shortcuts to earn money.

We work the entire day so hard to earn money. And then we don’t even spend our hard earned money with proper understanding of our requirements.

We all are crazy and just working hard to achieve what our goal is.
It is important to work smart rather than hard.

The most hard working person in India can be the rikshawala.
Do we want life like him?
So we need to work smart.

Be unique.

Its ok not be in the crowd.Find different path.

Do be afraid to do something which others don’t do.

Do not run behind money.

Money will automatically come to you if you are utilising your time and brains well .

Work everyday to improve yourself.

Focus on how to increase business, your communication skills, personality, equipments in your business.

Just work to be the best in whatever you are doing.

Be the expertise in your field.

There are many people who achieve everything in life What they always wanted but still there is no happiness.

There is no satisfaction in the end of the day.Because we are ready to be slaves and do anything for money.

It gives us happiness for a while but latter on we regret because we are not happy.
Do something which you love.

Have the freedom and courage to do what your heart says.

And see some day or the other you will be happy that you choose freedom and you are happy to do what you like and have achieved success.