Saturday, July 26, 2014

5 Black Things I Desire

Black is associated with power, elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery.

5 Black Things I Desire

1. Black iPhone/Jacket
Black absorbs negative energy. It is useful to carry something black with you to protect you from harm and negativity when traveling or when going about your usual daily activities outside your home.
Teenagers often have a psychological need to wear black during the stage of transition from the innocence of childhood to the sophistication of adulthood. It signifies the ending of one part of their life and the beginning of another, allowing them to hide from the world while they discover their own unique identity.

2. Black Suit

Black is often used in fashion because of its slimming quality. It is considered to be a very formal, elegant, and prestigious color (black tie, black Mercedes). A black suit or that "must have little black dress" can make you lookthinner and sophisticated.

3. Black Table Clock
Clocks are important furniture with every home and office. Though we get to see time in our mobile phones still the good old clocks have kept their prominent place in every home. With designer wall clocks and chiming clocks we can see so many new and contemporary clocks that we wonder how the clock ahs adapted to our latest trends and progress of time.

I have this old black table clock at my place & in feng shui clocks play a very important role in our lives. As they not only show time but has many more other meanings with us. 

4. Black Wallet
Consider buying a new wallet or purse of black colour as black colour in feng shui represents good luck and wealth. This colour attracts good fortune and wealth, best to improve finances and activates money luck. 

5. Black Ink 
India ink (or Indian ink in British English) is a simple black ink once widely used for writing and printing and now more commonly used for drawing, especially when inking comic books and comic strips. Indian ink is also used in medical applications. Not just ink, I desire for Black All in one Printer too ( Print, Scan, Copy, Photo).

This Black Printer just helps me scan all my childhood memories and share it on social networking sites to.

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