Wednesday, March 18, 2015

#StartANewLife in your own way... Priceless way !!!

When I have to talk about the time that brought a big change in my life.. I only remember the incidents and a time that passed but still has a great impact on my life. And has taught me the lesson and has changed me completely. Obesity ! We Indians are well known for it. Junk! was my only weakness during my schooling.Whether it was short break or long, I used to only wat to hog food.Chips, samosa, dhokla, frankies, burgers, pizzas , cakes , cookies were all my favorite. I.I was always hungry. I was too obese for my height. People, friends, relatives all used to make fun of me. People used to stare at me wherever I went. Kids found me weird. I just found people laughing and making jokes on me wherever I went. I never found clothes of my choice in my size. I used to not fit on a bench. But I never really cared. I lived my life according to me. I did what I really loved which was to exercise my mouth muscles and kept on eating. I loved to draw and just drew pictures of food. Punjabi , Gujarati , South Indian all were my favorite after Italian. I dreamt at night what food I will have for the next day. My book shelf was filled with books of recipes of different states. My refrigerator was always empty as I used to not let the food wait for long to eat it all up. And one fine day when I was done with school and then started college. All the boys looked like models with their abs .I only had flabs. No one became friends with me. It was my first lecture of economics , sir entered ! Insulted me passing comments on my weight. The entire class laughed loud till the last breath. I felt rejected. That day I decided .. I can ! I will ! I must change not for me but for others.. to prove others wrong. I had strong determination and dedication. I was filled with fire and hurt. My goal was set. I didn't wanted to look back. Then I joined gym, yoga, dance and aerobics class. I gave up on food. Survived on water , juices , salads and diet food for 3 months. And from 150 kgs j cut my fat down to 50 kgs. It was a great achievement for me. Now I was all set to prove others wrong. But didn't really felt the need to do so. I was all happy that I adapted the new life style , was fitter and healthier. And looked like the most handsome guy of the college. I was proud of myself. All wanted to be my friends. I was now a great inspiration to all the obese people around me. That incident I took positively because it changed my life completely. But in the end the thought disturbed me that the person is treated the way he looks. Disheartening !!! In the end all I want to say is, I am a world by myself. A person with respect, power and self determination. A person who has the capability to run a nation. I stand tall against all evil, I know what is to be a man. My life is just like a roller coaster, With a smile on my face , I am just like a beautiful poster. I am as strong as a wall, Who knows when to be a devil and sometimes it is okay to not to be anything at all, I taught others how to love and care, No matter what, I am priceless.

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