Wednesday, March 18, 2015

We all can and should #LookUp

This is the story that questioned my purpose to live. I was all shaken by the ugly truth. I just felt hopeless about it. And has the curosity and guts to change it and to make some difference. But how ! That troubled and pissed me off.I was doing campaigning on street children. And before that the research shocked me. Abuse, child labour , gender discrimination, health , homelessness and poverty are all the problems of street children.

Abuse- Abuse leaves children emotionally scattered. Research says that many children even refuse to speak for months because of the trauma faced by them. Child labour-In jaipur, a common job is rag picking .children under 6 yrs old are found doing such jobs. Gender discrimination-The problem is worse in conservative rajasthan than anywhere else in india. Many babies are aborted or deliberately neglected simply because they are girls. The traditional place of the woman is in the home and so many parents amd children consider education for girls to be a waste of time. Only 38 percent of indian women are literate , at 64 percent the gender parity between literacy rates amongst indian women and men is one of the most unequal in the world. Child marriage- Early marriage carries health risks. A girl under 15 is 5 times more likely to die during pregnancy than a woman in her 20s, her child is also more likely to die. Health- Only 2 in 3 indian children have been vaccinated against TB, polio, measles.only 1 in 10 against hepatitis B. Most street children have not been vaccinated at all. Homelessness- Homelessness children miss out on education and medical treatment. They are on high risk of suffering addiction and illness. Poverty- poverty dumps a crowd of problem onto a child. These problems not only cause suffering, but they also keep the child poor throughout their life.

And other common problems are begging , prostitution and domestic labour.These children are also denied of education. Child marriage is another way in which girls are disadvantaged. Poor health is a chronic problem for street children. Half of all children in india are malnourished. But in street children the proportion is much higher. Child labourers suffer from exhaustion , injury and exposure to dangerous chemicals.But I didnt wanted to see people in hurt. I wanted to make difference and change someones life. Then I started taking free tutions for children on streets near my locality. Encouraged my friends to also do the needful. Spreaded the message in schools and colleges and nearby areas. And in some months I felt a little relief. About 50 percent of the people I knew started following the same. Doctors started taking free medical tests and sessions on awareness of aids and other diseases. Some NGOS started providing temporary and permanent shelters for children. In my locality, all the children were removed from labour work who used to work as maids.In the end I was not surprised that in some less time, the percent increased from 50 to 60 and I wished that the good work carried on and reaches 100 percent soon.Not only in localities but in different cities and states..everybody can make a difference and one should. I hope for a bright future , for positive living and for good work.

India can do much better and #Lookup!!!

Visit and look up :)

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