Sunday, March 29, 2015

#Together we can make anything possible !!!

As Richie lake pointed, " for me, being memorable is more important than winning" this truly implies in my life too. I have had many memorable days in my life but the one which I can remember in a flicker of eye - lid is getting low score in my 12th grade and I was completely crestfallen and started hating everything around. Life for me was some other bay all together and which all the more made me paranoid and lonely. Then I found support from my dad who constantly asked me to pursue my interest which was into writing. I started writing and penning down my thoughts. He took me to north- east and asked me to write on everything to anything. He took me to places of art, markets etc rather than simply doing what was there on the itinerary. I started loving my new found love and rest was history. That motivation factor which my dad gave , helped me , explore my interest and took it to first of further to get admission in one of the sought after college in the world.

I really owe a lot to my dad who actually made me realize that failure is the stepping stone to success. We should always be positive in life. Positivism is the key element to success. Belief is everything. Having faith that 'I can , I will and I must' makes you much stronger to achieve your goals. Passion to fight for our dreams will start changing our life and one day by hook or by crook we will achieve success. Fighting for our dreams is important. Keeping honesty in our work is most important. Having fire in us to change something in our self that troubles us will automatically change everything we want to. Knowing what we want is as important as knowing who we really are. Failures will always be the part of our lives. Important is to come out of it and start fresh. If we wait for the right time to start, right time will never come.

The only thing constant is change. Know what your dream is..have confident in you..and you will be satisfied. Determination and dedication is of at-most requirement and adds spice and excitement to our work. Loving your work..and to be happy in what you do if your half journey complete. Always we should be open to varieties as variety is the spice of life. We should strive hard to keep walking on the ladder of success. Sky should be the limit. Have a belief that you are a sun and you will shine bright. And when you have few friends and family that love you..
You are all set to fight for whatever comes your way...

Visit and #Together we can make anything possible and start a new life.

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