Sunday, April 5, 2015

India's contribution and support can give the children of the Ganga #India4India

Challenge of illiteracy and its impact on India Illiteracy is one of the major problems for the success of a country today. No education means no future. In a country like india, in many villages and infact even in wealthy families, illiteracy is still continuing. There are many people even today who think that girl child is meant to stay at home and is responsible for household chores. Some parents do not even allow their son to complete education after a certain time as they want them to run their own family bussiness. For them money is more important than knowledge and education which is completely a wrong thought. It is seen maily in gujarati and punjabi castes as they are mostly bussiness minded people. And it is seen mostly in muslim community in india who rarely educate their children. Illiteracy leads to major issues which are very scary and dangerous for the development of a country like poverty, unemployment, child labour, child marriage, female foeticide, rapes and many more. In india , kerala has the highest litteracy rate that is 90.92 percent and state like bihar has lowest literacy rate that is 47.53 percent. The difference between male literacy rate and female literacy rate is also shocking.male literacy rate is 75.96 percent and female literacy rate is 54.28 percent. A literate person is aware of all his fundamental rights and duties. It is the ultimate solution to fight problems. " Each one teach one " should be the motive of each and every individual for the development of nation. Advancement of a nation depends on its literacy rate. The problem of illiteracy is not new but people should take steps to wipe it out from society. In 1991 indias literacy rate was 48 percent and in 2006 the literacy rate came upto 63 percent as per research. Indias youth is the new idea for development of urbanization, industrialization, modernization. And India by far has the largest population of illiterate adults that is 37 percent.

Each one of us should understand the importance of education then only India will grow like countries like united nations etc. Only dreaming for better india will not change the world we are living in. Every individual living in India is responsible for the success of the country. We have to work with dedication and determination for the betterment of a nation and make India more proud.

Education is the key to success it is rightly said. Kids of today can only be developed of they are educated and these kids can transform India into a great nation. But for all this the value of education should be built in them. And for this a very unique idea is undertaken by the government of Varanasi where schools are built on boats..children learn english interestingly as to interact with tourists.

Children of Varanasi will be absolutely exited with the teaching background around them. Learning in a creative way and in a creative class room like this on a boat seems very interesting and kids look forward to such creativity. Learning becomes easy and education becomes fun when kids learn in such a way.

India is still a developing country. The fact cannot be turned apart by seeing children who are still uneducated and still backward due to lack of money and other facilities required. But now it seems the slogan that had led not only India but the entire world to fell on its knee has given some kind of hope and some kind of brightness into the hearts of poor and others. The slogan " ache din aayenge " will be applicable to all the poor , needy , middle class and all the other people too.

Education is important even in place like ganga. Even they deserve to get educated for development of each and every individual and for the betterment of their lives. Sabke sath sabka vikas is only possible is everyone is developed and development is possible only if the people of that locality are educated.

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