Monday, October 17, 2016

Fresh Air With Philips GoPure

Pollution in Delhi,Mumbai & Bengaluru :
Air pollution is one of the main cause of environmental problems in cities like Mumbai and Delhi. There are premature deaths due to high metal toxins in air which leads to incurable health problems. One of the main causes of pollution of air is road traffic. Delhi is on high alert due to air pollution emitted by vehicles so odd even system was raised to get some control on it. When petrol or diesel oil burns it produces a number of chemicals. One is nitrogen dioxide and another is carbon monoxide which is very poisonous. Scientists believe that exhaust fumes of vehicles can cause cancer and other illness.
While the large scale effects of air pollution builds up, every human being on the earth that is breathing polluted air is affected proportionate to the amount of and the degree of the polluted air he breathes and gets sick or suffers from various throat diseases. The various gases that escape into the air from chimneys of factories is also one of important causes of air pollution.
Importance of fresh air :
Fresh air is good for breathing. A person will always feel relaxed in fresh air. It will also keep a person away from illness. Person will feel pleasant when he feels nature and the surroundings at this best. We do a lot when it comes to health for example we follow a healthy diet, we exercise, we don't use products for beauty with harmful toxins.
We avoid public transport like auto rickshaw and buses. And we feel comfortable travelling in a four wheeler. While travelling in a four wheeler with Windows closed and air conditioned on and seeing the sky go black with the dust of public transport and other 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers we feel safe that we are not breathing that polluted air. But we forget that may be the car with Windows closed may be more polluted than the air outside the car. Just as the home with Windows closed is more air polluted and smells unpleasant than the house with Windows open of the rooms.
Very recently, I used to get a smell from the AC blower, for the first few seconds of switching on the AC in my WagonR. The smell was somewhat similar to the concentrated smell of Tar, but I was not able to confirm from the smell. After reading few articles on Team-BHP, and other sites, I used to get a feeling that I am breathing in fungi and other harmful stuff. This made me extremely uncomfortable (mentally at least) to sit inside the car with AC on. This led to reading articles on Car Air Purifier, and finally led to buying the Pure Air. So for the car also it is very important that we use air purifier. And we can trust Philips with its newly innovated product GoPure car air purifier and be safe with the purity the product has to offer us.

To give customers the experience of the GoPure car air purifier few Meru cabs in Delhi, Bengaluru & Mumbai have been installed with GoPure car air purifier. Philips GoPure car air purifier is placed on the front seat headrest so that the product is visible to the customer as shown in the picture above. A flap is also placed to educate the customer about the product.

Philips GoPure is exclusively available at at reasonable price 

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