Monday, January 15, 2018


Birthdays are special.
Make your loved ones day special.
No excuses on this day. Take out time for the special people in your life.
Bake a cake for them after learning from a professional. Take this effort.
It will make their day.
Decorate the house with the best pictures you have with them.
Lit the candles.
Sing and Dance for them. If you are really bad at both the things, thats even better.
It will make them feel good that you have taken out time to practise so hard and had guts to perform.
Hugs, kisses and lot of birthday wishes.Give them all.
Make them laugh on this day, make it a beautiful day for them that they remember life long.
Let there be too much fun and excitement on this day.
Take your kids out to play games.
Let them win today.
Let them laugh out loud on you loosing the game.
Do not be very ordinary and continue the same way you celebrate birthday year after year.
Bring the excitement this special day by trying different and unique ways to surprise them.
Take your sister for bike ride, Take your girlfriend for a trial car ride, yes the car she loves and plans to take.
It will make her heart skip the beat when the car she loves goes zupppp on the speed while she is driving.
Get the cake customised for them. Wear their favourite colour on their special day even if you hate that colour.
Get cute and funky props and make them click pictures with that.
Last but not the least, before they say thanks to you.
You thank them for being there in your life and doing so much each day for you.
This will add stars to the sky.

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