Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Do what makes you happy

Do what makes you happy.

Do not feel like a prisoner.
It happens with most of the people.
While many among us go to office, they are sad about the fact that are going to work. 

But while returning back they are happy.

Kids are happy on fridays as they will get to celebrate their mini vacation. 

But on sunday night they are stressed about going to school on monday.

Enjoy the daily routine of your life. From morning till night, you should be happy about each moment in your life.

Do every work with fun. And see how interesting your life will be.

Be it any work, do it with confidence.

Tell to yourself that you can do it.

Do not be dependant on anyone else.

Treat every work equal.
And see how tension free and stress free you will be.

Always be solution oriented in your life.

Do not let negative thoughts come in your mind if you are not able to achieve something.

If you had set a very high goal and was not able to achieve it completely. Do not be sad for that.

Be happy about the fact that  you have achieved little.
Celebrate that little step you took to change your life.

Every time you did something that you have never done in your life, reward yourself.

Make sure everytime you achieve something, you reward yourself .

And then achieving will be your habit.

You will then work hard to celebrate your success. Because celebration is important to you, and for celebration you have to work hard.

Appreciate yourself for every little thing you do.

Distraction will be there and failure will also be there but getting up is important. 

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