Thursday, January 18, 2018

Don’t sit idle

It is very important to keep yourself busy.

Sitting idle or just doing time pass can be your enemy.

Always make a point to utilize your precious time.

There are many people who just do time pass. This will not bring any change in their life.

Make it a point to utilise your time in such a way that will change you completely.

A friend who meets you after years and tells you that you have changed and he or she is surprised.
That should be a very big compliment for you.That you are not the same like before. You have learnt and grown. 

Growing in life is important.

Do not be still , make a move , flow like a river.

Every day should be different.

Do not pass your time by watching TV , instead go to the park near you.

Enjoy the nature, watch how kids fall in the park doing cycling but still get up and race again with their friends. Learn from the kid , learn that kid doesn’t get discouraged when he or she falls, instead gets up and is ready for race again.
Not because the kid wants to see his friend loosing but because he wants to learn to race faster, fearless and wants to win because he can celebrate his success.

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