Monday, January 22, 2018


Can we be happy all the time?
YES we can be happy all the time.

If you get pleasure in something, that should not be reason behind your happiness.
Don’t be dependant on different pleasures in life to be happy.
That pleasure will make you happy only for few minutes.

Understanding is very important.
Right understanding is what you need.

Understanding of You are alive is important.
Rest everything comes afterwards.

Stop worrying about the situations in your life that you cannot control.
Do not let the external factors make you unhappy.
The reason we get sad easily is we give too much importance to the external factors that don’t even matter to us.

Stop finding your happiness is material things.
You own a car, that car will give you comfort and not happiness.

Stop comparing yourselves with others. 

Accept yourself the way you are.
You are the best , the way you are. You are unique and that should be the proud thing for you.

If the world is not doing what you do, you have to be confident about that. Because it is important to you. For others particular thing is not important but for you it is and that is what matters. Go ahead and do what you like.

Stop being sad about the things that are part of life.
If you get less marks in exams or if you had a breakup.
Accept that it is very normal.

You do not have to show the world that you are happy by bringing fake smile on your face.
Inner happiness is what matters.

Enjoy today, live in the moment.

Be happy with whatever you have today.

You have parents, they are alive. They love you more than anybody else in this whole wide world. And this should be the real and most important reason for you to be happy.

Grow in life, think about your future and work hard for it.

But don’t be in a hurry.
You will achieve success after certain age in life, with experience of years.
But do not forget to live in the moment.
Enjoy your baby steps till the time you reach that destination in your life.

You should be happy even now that you are alive, working to secure future.
And even when you have achieved what you wanted 20 years later , even then you should be happy about the fact that you are alive.
There should be no regrets.

Have understanding of the fact that You are alive.
And this is the base of you to be happy all the time in life.
Do great things when you are alive.
You can see, smell, touch, feel.
It should feel great to be alive.
 I am happy that I am alive.
Are you happy about the fact in life that you are alive?

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