Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Healthy eating tips when eating out

Start your meals with appetisers like soups or salads.

If unsure about the source and hygiene, avoid uncooked salads and raw preparations.

Look for grilled and roasted preparations in general, and especially if you want to watch your weight.

Limit the intake of alcoholic beverages and sugar drinks.

Skip desserts if possible.

 Take care to avoid creamy or deep fried desserts if you are concerned about your weight.

Choose fruits.

If you have had a heavy meal, make sure the subsequent meal is lighter.

Avoid deep fried foods like poories, bhaturas , kachoris etc. If you want to watch your weight.

Avoid eating from roadside vendors. Check whether the food is kept covered and not exposed to flies and dust.

Avoid “super -sizing” your meal. Choose medium sized meals.

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