Friday, January 12, 2018

Keep Travelling

You will find your soul when you travel.
Make travel - the most important plan every year.
Make sure your passport pages are getting filled.
Do not die with regret.
Make sure you have experienced your life the best.
For that you need to travel.
You need to experience life in such a way that touches your heart.
Plan and Just go.
You will never know how beautiful the world is until you go.
Do not ever feel that instead of travelling you can invest on things that will keep your future secure.
Do not forget travel is the only thing you buy that will keep you younger and richer for lifetime.
Do not live in one place.
Travel , Go different places.
Going different places, meeting new people, seeing different cultures this is what you should do.
Go where wifi is weak, cut off from people for a little while.
Devote your entire time to yourself.
You just exist now, the moment you will start living in the moment you will start travelling. And that will make you alive.
Go see the world, see how tiny place you occupy in this world.
If you don’t want to travel alone, travel with the one you love.
Be away from home.
Only you both and the beautiful places you go to.
Make memories for life.
Because this is what is going to stay with you always.
Rest everything will fade away.
But memories and experiences while travelling will keep you and your love alive always.
Travel when you are young.
Book your tickets now.
What destination are you planning?

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