Monday, January 8, 2018

Laugh Out Loud

Laugh like a kid.
Laugh forgetting your worries.
Laugh like there is no one watching.
Laugh until your stomach and jaw hurts and tears roll out of your eyes.
Laughing is not that difficult.
But it is very important to laugh at right places at right time.
Do not see any one falling of stairs and start laughing. That is not good manners.
Learn to laugh on jokes that have real humour.
Make others laugh.
Laugh at yourself- This is very important.
The person who can laugh on him is the person full of strength and ready for the challenges in their life.
Laugh on your silly mistakes, Laugh on your past if it ever hurt you and you are ok with it now.
Laugh on how you used to look in childhood.
Laugh on if you have ever sung bad or danced like really no one was watching.
Be a jolly person in life.
Create happiness in others life.
Its very easy to make others cry, start making others happy now.

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