Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Learn to laugh at yourself

In todays world, you will find many people laughing at others.
Because its a very easy thing to do.
We laugh at weakness of others . We like teasing people.
You will always find that in a group, always there will be at least one person who will be teased by all others. People need some one all the time at whom they can laugh.
If you are that person who is been tortured like this. You should have understanding that people will say, they will make fun. That should not matter to you. Be happy for the reason that they are laughing because of you. 
Start laughing at yourself. Whatever mistakes you make, learn to accept that it is very normal. And laugh. 
Because the person who learns to laugh at himself, is the person who will be successful Because he has no fear and no stress.
And it is also very important that do not let your ego grow because of success. 
Successful people are always down to earth and that's why they keep on growing.

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