Friday, August 10, 2018

Redmi (My) Note 3

I am using this phone since last 2 years now. 
The phone is very handy with metal body premium finish. The phone is not at all a delicate darling. It has a rough and tough use with a 3GB Ram.
It has a Fingerprint sensor Chip-level security which is great rather than keeping password that we only tend to forget. Unlocks in an instant.
The camera of the phone gives you pictures that are perfect just like professional quality images with its Phase Detection Autofocus on a 16 MP, a 0.1s ultra- fast focusing technique commonly found in DSLR cameras.

The touch of the screen is very very smooth . I do not have to try a little hard also to scroll it. 

Accelerate your life on the 4G LTE networks and 802.11ac Wi-Fi. With faster connections, you can stay in touch with your family and the rest of the world in real time.

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